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14 September 2013

Liquore al Caffé

If you who have an affection for Italian caffé, then Liquore al Caffé, is something you must taste. This is a heavenly coffee-based liqueur, containing 26% alcohol and popular as an after-dinner digestivo.

One of the most popular national brands is Borghetti, but there are also several regionally-produced options.  A favorite in Basilicata is the Amaro Lucano’s Liquore al Caffé, unfortunately found only in the southern parts of Italy since it is made in Pisticci.

Bragging rights to the recipe are claimed by the locals of Laurenzana, a small mountain town south of Potenza. This town has a history of making this type of liquore, and it is possible to enjoy several superb locally-produced varieties.  No two recipes are quiet the same as every housewife, restaurant and coffee bar has their own way of making it.

The bitter traditional amaro is an acquired taste for many, but this one goes down particularly easily and is one of the flavors that will always remind you of bella Basilicata.

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